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Computer Scientist

As a teenager I developed a large interest for the inner workings of computers and the algorithms behind them. So it was a no-brainer to study computer science to further extend my capabilities in logical thinking and problem solved. I began my studies at the “Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin” in Winter 2012 and reached the bachelor degree in early 2016 with a thesis on the topic of information dissemination in wireless sensor networks using gossiping-based algorithms.

Afterwards I enrolled in a master program and am now working on my final master thesis. Throughout the study I additionally engaged in further extending my horizon and got into the development of web applications and APIs with the Laravel Framework, Vue.js and other modern web technologies and am also proficient in working with Java applications and microcontroller development.


Music has been a part of my whole life. By learning an instrument from a very young age up until today, I developed a habit of working hard to achieve the best possible result for any task.

As I started to get into computer science, I soon noticed the artistical aspects of developing IT solutions. You have to enforce creative thinking and you have to strive for the difference to create something new. That’s why I put this as a top priority for my work.

Tech Enthusiast

I’m not only studying computer science, I’m also hugely interested in the results of the ongoing developments of the industry. I’m very much into the topic of the Internet of Things and the possibilities it provides, but am also aware of the problems surrounding this topic, such as the unsatisfactory security of many of these projects. In my opinion, it is not only important to see what’s the latest and greatest but also use my own experiences with this technology to question its information security, its usefulness and its social impact as well.