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  • since 2016: Student trainee at Trusted Technology and Solutions GmbH. The company is specialised on consulting in the context of information security.
  • 2014 - 2016: Teaching Assistant at Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin. In this role I gave tutorials for many subjects in the bachelor program, like courses on concurrent programming, network programming, microcontroller development or operating systems.


2016: Letter database for the Grimm Society Berlin

The Grimm Society Berlin has dedicated itself to scientifically to clear the life of the famous Brothers Grimm, who are some of the founders of the German philology and famous for their collection of fairy tales. A little less known is the fact, that there exists a huge collection of many thousands of letters, the two brothers have sent to each other and friends, that contain many of the interesting details, that are used by the Grimm Society to advance the research on their life.

To keep these letters organised, a database was created many years ago. But as the research expanded, the need arised to make the data available to other researching facilities and also improve the way of editing the database records to keep up the consistency of the data.

In this project, we developed a web based database solution built using the Laravel Framework, MySQL and Elasticsearch for storage and searching and provides a comfortable way of managing the huge amount records.

The project included providing a tool to migrate the current database file, providing a management interface, creating a solution for public search in the index, establishing a backup solution and implementing a role system.

2011 and since 2014: Web Development and Administration for the German Orchid Society

The German Orchid Society is the largest orchid society in Europe and has took up to raise awareness for the magnitude of the orchid family and their endangered habitats. To do so, they operate a website, that was developed and is maintained by myself. Beside the pure informational website, there is a forum and a web-based library as well. The website is built using Wordpress and the library catalog is a custom built application based on the CodeIgniter Framework, built in 2011.

Screenshot of the landing page

Screenshot of the landing page